Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nu Gundam Museum Part 5

Hmmmah my plan to use the Evolve style vents will require me to scratchbuild the vents.  Flipping the it around gives it the knock off Chinese Gundoom look where they didn't fix the orientation.  Vent needs to be straight, not slanted when reversed for the Evolve look.
Photobucket Here you can see I drilled out the vents and created a new bar, as well as adding some detail in the upper corners.  There, the vents are flipped and are straight, no shitty knock off look.
 photo DSC01478.jpg

Also, did some hole mods to the shoulder. First drilled 3 holes, then I covered the back side with some plastic. This allows me to create some embedded circular detail.
 photo DSC01479.jpg photo DSC01480.jpg photo DSC01482.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MG Tallgeese 2

Thought I would post some of my pictures for those interested in the Hobby Online Exclusive MG Tallgeese 2.  For those curious, all the runners have been recolored.  Even the whites are a different shade.  In Japan, it has the same MSRP 3800 Yen.  Unfortunately for those outside Asia where there is no Bandai Premium shop, you are out of luck.  There is some unfortunate red tape in the way that prevents even us from carrying every item in addition to logistic concerns (I don't think we could possibly sell enough of some of these items for the massive initial investment in bringing them).