Saturday, January 27, 2007

1/100 HG Wing Gundam In-Progress of the things I've wanted to do for a long time now is try my hand at extending parts. I tried it out with the Wing's shield and ended up liking it. The first problem was finding out how to cut the plastic off to perform the surgery. Being the stereotyped poor college student, I couldn't afford a pin improvised. Taking a broken mechanical pencil, I glued a sewing needle into the area where the lead would normally be. Voila! Poor whale's cutting utensil and scriber! IPB Image I carefully traced one of the existing panel lines on the shield to get an indentation, and then proceeded to go through the indentation several times. Each pass grounded up a bit of the plastic until I reached the other side. Granted this does take off more plastic than what was originally separated on the panel line, but I didn't have a knife with me when I was doing it.

For the extensions I used the leftover plastic on the parts tree, cut them into several rods of equal length and glued them on the underside of the shield.

After joining the two parts, I put some of this Quikplastik stuff I got at Home Depot to cover the gap. I think it's plumber's epoxy putty.

The picture was a reference for me to see how it turned out. It turns out that I didn't put an equal amount, causing the top to have an extension and depression and the sides to be caved in. I believe I fixed it after these pictures were taken.

I added ball joint to the torso area.