Monday, April 27, 2015

MG Exia Dark Matter Part 1

Color Scheme

  • Structural Component 1-Alcad II Dark Aluminum
  • Structural Component 2-Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal 

  • Black-Alcad II Jet Exhaust 
  • Red-Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal + Mr. Color Clear Red 

GN Condensers 
  • Violet-Mr. Color Clear Blue 

  • Orange-Alcad II Copper 

Stripe masking pattern for red areas. After priming with Mr. Surfacer 1000, parts were sprayed with Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal. Masking tape in random pattern was then applied and Mr. Hobby Clear Red sprayed over. Masking tape was removed and another coat of Mr. Hobby Clear red applied. 2 subtle tones of red in a random pattern are produced from this process.

The condenser color that comes with the stock kit is a pinkish red, similar to Trans-Am coloring in the original Gundam 00 fiction.  The large number of red areas tend to make these not stand out as much so I decided to make them violet.  This was done by spraying the stock condenser color with clear blue, allowing color theory to take over and produce a violet.

Monday, July 08, 2013

KAZUHIRO FURUHASHI + Gundam UC Ep 6 + Sunrise AX 2013 Panel

Below you'll find recordings of the Gundam UC Ep6 + Sunrise Panel, and also the panel for Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the director of Gundam Unicorn. The pre-made questions for Furuhashi are almost identical between the two recordings so you're likely going to fast forward, but I believe that there is interspersed some additional questions for Michael Sinterniklaas, the English director. So there is some merit to sitting down for it. Some neat things you'll hear if you listen to both. The Gundam UC panel had this session where fans came up to attempt to dub Angelo, one of them is REALLY good. At the Sunrise panel when ZZ Gundam is announced, you can hear about 5 people being really excited and the rest being very confused because they have not heard of ZZ Gundam before. Enjoy!

Kazuhiro Furuhashi Interview

Gundam UC Ep 6 panel and Sunrise Panel.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Sunrise Panel Otakon 2012

Recently there was a post on the UC Gundam Twitter:

このΞガンダムが登場する「機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ」は、時代的にはガンダムUCの約9年後となる宇宙世紀105年が舞台。ep7では、これくらい先の時代への布石となるようなものも登場する予定です。 (広報いぬ)

This is actually the continuation of

バンダイコレクターズ事業部さんとの打ち合わせで、ROBOT魂Ξガンダム(クスィーガンダム)の試作品を拝見。これロボ魂か!?ってくらいデカイです。  プレミアムバンダイにて4/9まで受注中 (広報いぬ)

It's a shoutout for the upcoming Ka Signature Robot Spirits release of the Xi Gundam, and the tweet that continues is that there may be elements from the era of Hathaway's Flash in Episode 7.

And then I remembered that Shin Sasaki, one of the core Sunrise producers for Unicorn had mentioned last year at Otakon 2012 that Hathaway's Flash was a personal favorite.  Wait, what's that you've never seen this?  Well for some reason or another neither ANN nor any other anime related site seems to have posted a transcript of that panel.  I'm actually disappointed that there is no breakdown.  ANN supposedly had an hour interview with the man, but it's never surfaced.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nu Gundam Museum Part 5

Hmmmah my plan to use the Evolve style vents will require me to scratchbuild the vents.  Flipping the it around gives it the knock off Chinese Gundoom look where they didn't fix the orientation.  Vent needs to be straight, not slanted when reversed for the Evolve look.
Photobucket Here you can see I drilled out the vents and created a new bar, as well as adding some detail in the upper corners.  There, the vents are flipped and are straight, no shitty knock off look.
 photo DSC01478.jpg

Also, did some hole mods to the shoulder. First drilled 3 holes, then I covered the back side with some plastic. This allows me to create some embedded circular detail.
 photo DSC01479.jpg photo DSC01480.jpg photo DSC01482.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MG Tallgeese 2

Thought I would post some of my pictures for those interested in the Hobby Online Exclusive MG Tallgeese 2.  For those curious, all the runners have been recolored.  Even the whites are a different shade.  In Japan, it has the same MSRP 3800 Yen.  Unfortunately for those outside Asia where there is no Bandai Premium shop, you are out of luck.  There is some unfortunate red tape in the way that prevents even us from carrying every item in addition to logistic concerns (I don't think we could possibly sell enough of some of these items for the massive initial investment in bringing them).

Monday, February 25, 2013

May 2013 Hobby Releases

1/144 Valvrave
-Numerous translucent parts to recreate sensors
-Various effect parts for shield and verniers
-Interchangeable hand parts
-2 sickles
-2 swords (1 short, 1 long)
-1 claw
-2 bladed *something*
-stand included
-weapons can combine to make a larger weapon

BB Sazabi
-beam shot rifle
-beam tomahawk with removable effect blade
-funnel launching rack
-3 deployed funnels
-mono eye has side to side movement

1/35 Alexander Ayano Ver. (Code Geass)
-2 rifles
-1 sword
-1 sword in storage mode
-2 Ulna Edges
-Interchangeable hands
-Transformable to insect mode

MG Aile Strike Re-Master Ver (name tentative)
-Uses new GAT-X frame and some parts used for MG Duel Gundam
-New Aile Pack with wing sliding gimmick to allow Launcher and Sword pack to mount
-includes the catapult launch stand and battery packs to recreate Perfect Strike
-Face mouth vents feature real cut space instead of molded detail
-includes Mwu La Flaga pilot/standing 1/100 figures

HG Seed Remaster Blue Frame 2nd L
-Tactical arms fully transformable between sword, gattling, flight mode
-2 individual armor schneiders, and swappable armor schneiders in feet
-Comes with stand to hold up the sword

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nu Gundam Museum Part 4

So the 1988 kit has a pair of hydraulics that are there for display, but don't actually do anything.  In fact the whole assembly just moves upward with the thigh, and it looks somewhat awkward.


Nu Gundam Museum Part 3

G-Dome exhibit lineart vs MG Final Lineart.  Differences: Proportion size of the funnels, Evolve style "upside down" chest vents, white "under chest vents", different arrangement of panels and panel lines.  Fins on top of chest, different helmet vents