Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Semester, New Year

All righty, tomorrow is the start of a new semester. I pray I will not screw it up.

This is my tentative schedule


Calc should be fairly easy. Stats and Bio I need to do extremely well because I need to get 5's on the AP tests. Japanese and English are easy A's. Gov is history, my forte. Awesome.

Next, I finally got a hold of some QuikPlastik from Home Depot to extend the leg joints on the Deathscythe. Hopefully I'll get off my ass to take some pictures in the future. I have this very elaborate plan for the Deathscythe, which I shall reveal, soon. How soon? Uh...I'll get back to you on that.

Yesterday, on Chinese New Year's eve, my mom and I got into an accident. In the middle of a left turn mom asked me to look at the price of the gas on the side. I didn't know that she was looking too. -_-; So, we're turning and then I see headlights coming our way. O_o. Oh shi-! A loud scraping sound reverberates through the ears of the onlookers on the sidewalk as it grazes the left corner of our car and passes through the intersection. My mom becomes emotionally unstable muttering things about why she had to get hit on New Year's Eve, that it's a bad omen, that she's getting old, etc. etc. Meanwhile, I turn around trying to make out the license plate of the SUV that hit us. Thankfully the guy had stopped and I make out a 7RH before the guy speeds off. Whut? We're at fault here, why the hell did you speed off for? Mmmkay. This is one of those times I wish I had a cell phone with me.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Let's see





My B in Stats is fairly weak, not fairly strong. If I do poorly on the final, I may possibly get a C+. That would not bode well, especially if colleges start to have second thoughts about me. To top it off, I have Biology the period afterwards! W00t. It is a good thing the other days will not be so hard.

I'm getting a B for doing nothing. Absolutely nothing! And our Final is a mandatory extra credit test. HAAHHAHAHAHAAAA! I laught at everyone out there!

Speaking of which, he did assign us a story, called Madame Bovary. It is a fairly interesting read so far. I am staring at page 50, wondering what time will be optimal to go to sleep.

Let's hope I get an A tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

School Status

As finals week draws near, I have come to the conclusion that I shall receive "B" grades plus the guaranteed "A" for Japanese. Ah, Japanese. Thank god I'm taking that class. It seems ironic that the class I barely do anything in is the one that will get the highest grade. Good grief! Unfortunately for my other classes, it seems to be the case that no matter how hard I study, I cannot get any tangible results. Oh well, hopefully the colleges won't consider it that much. I may smack myself silly if I'm rejected because of a stupid thing like that.

On another note, Providence has been shelved. I can work on it another time, but there are more pressing matters of concern. I've been trying out some arm modifications for the Deathscythe Hell, but errr school is getting in the way. I'm still trying to create a workable torso joint, but it isn't likely to come into fruition any time soon.