Sunday, July 04, 2010


Transcribed by Deacon Blues a while ago. This is starting in the Fall.

There are going to be new mobile suits appearing in the novel. Focus will be on their militaristic nature.
The era is called “MC-0002 NEXT WINTER”.
The novel takes place on Mars.
The story takes off from the viewpoint of Sally Po’s daughter, Kathy Po. (Rank is ??!?)
She’s affiliated with Preventer. A subordinate of WuFei (Mars Branch Chief).
She possesses a microchip sent from Earth Sphere Unified Nation President Dorothy T. Catalonia.
She believes it contains information to initiate “Operation Mythos”.
However, Chang WuFei instructed her to download three files aside from the memory chip from a history bank.
Kathy doesn’t understand what good previous century’s data will be.
The file was recorded in the summer and autumn of AC195 and the spring of AC196.
The only common entry the files have is the keyword: “Gundam pilots”.
The Summer AC195 file is believed to have been something wrote by Treize.
Rilke’s “Autumn” is quoted at the beginning and after two lines “That is my eternal friend, Milliardo Peacecraft” was added, but was then crossed out with a line in the end. The contents are like a short essay or a letter.
It is summarized with “I must be a loser to change history” and is signed “TK”.
The next file is Autumn AC195 in which transfer student “Duo Maxwell” reads an essay on the theme of the relations between the Earth and its colonies.
The final file is Spring AC196. The recorder is Kathy’s mother, Sally.
Data on conversation between Relena and an elderly person are on the file.
The file contains other attached data aside from the sound.
It’s the blueprints and operations manual for “frozen capsules for artificial hibernation”.
The blueprints are signed “J”.
When she arrived at the Preventer’s Mars Arctic Base (north pole), Kathy went straight to Master Chang (WuFei), who resides there alone.
She informs of being handed down the authorization of “Operation Mythos” and suggests the awakening of the Aurora Princess.
The “sleeping beauty” is sealed in a frozen capsule for artificial hibernation.
A voice is heard behind Kathy, “You’re just like your mother.”
Appearing was a middle aged man in black priests clothes with a young boy with long hair tied in a braid.
The middle-aged man who appeared at random was nothing but smiles. “I’m Father Maxwell. The Father Maxwell who may run and hide, but never tells a lie. And this brat with the unpleasant eyes is my son, Duo.”
The priest brings special attention to Kathy, “By the way, I do hope that you brought three files with you. The three preludes are needed to awaken the Aurora Princess.”