Monday, February 25, 2013

May 2013 Hobby Releases

1/144 Valvrave
-Numerous translucent parts to recreate sensors
-Various effect parts for shield and verniers
-Interchangeable hand parts
-2 sickles
-2 swords (1 short, 1 long)
-1 claw
-2 bladed *something*
-stand included
-weapons can combine to make a larger weapon

BB Sazabi
-beam shot rifle
-beam tomahawk with removable effect blade
-funnel launching rack
-3 deployed funnels
-mono eye has side to side movement

1/35 Alexander Ayano Ver. (Code Geass)
-2 rifles
-1 sword
-1 sword in storage mode
-2 Ulna Edges
-Interchangeable hands
-Transformable to insect mode

MG Aile Strike Re-Master Ver (name tentative)
-Uses new GAT-X frame and some parts used for MG Duel Gundam
-New Aile Pack with wing sliding gimmick to allow Launcher and Sword pack to mount
-includes the catapult launch stand and battery packs to recreate Perfect Strike
-Face mouth vents feature real cut space instead of molded detail
-includes Mwu La Flaga pilot/standing 1/100 figures

HG Seed Remaster Blue Frame 2nd L
-Tactical arms fully transformable between sword, gattling, flight mode
-2 individual armor schneiders, and swappable armor schneiders in feet
-Comes with stand to hold up the sword

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nu Gundam Museum Part 4

So the 1988 kit has a pair of hydraulics that are there for display, but don't actually do anything.  In fact the whole assembly just moves upward with the thigh, and it looks somewhat awkward.


Nu Gundam Museum Part 3

G-Dome exhibit lineart vs MG Final Lineart.  Differences: Proportion size of the funnels, Evolve style "upside down" chest vents, white "under chest vents", different arrangement of panels and panel lines.  Fins on top of chest, different helmet vents