Saturday, June 26, 2010

oh god 3 days left

Let's see I have my final exams for my physiology course this week, along with looking up information sessions for nursing schools. Suffice to say I have barely enough time to work on this. Man I shouldn't even be writing this, but oh well. Okay first off I'll describe the modification I did to the shoulders. This gives it some additional mobility by allowing the shoulder axis to go move vertically upward as well as swing out horizontally. The effect of this increases the arm movement which is important for mimicking human body motion. I still haven't figured out a good pose yet, though the display stand I made for it somewhat limits my choices.

The two halves of the upper torso are held in place by your normal peg assembly, and also by the connection to the abdomen, which is a separate assembly (white). I noticed that the large male pegs that keep the torso together also double as a rotational point for the ever plentiful PC A (sometimes PC C) polycap. So I chopped it off, along with a sizeable amount of the female end and super glued that in place. Then I took your average credit card and enclosed the polycap. Polycap goes on the peg, and voila, a two-axis joint.

I'm not certain I'll be making another update before AX.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I've added my twitter feed on the side.  I'll be using it to make tiny updates every now and then.  Right now I'm using it to upload pictures of my Deathscythe WIP, which I'm hopefully going to finish by Anime Expo to enter the BAKUC 2010 contest.