Monday, February 25, 2013

May 2013 Hobby Releases

1/144 Valvrave
-Numerous translucent parts to recreate sensors
-Various effect parts for shield and verniers
-Interchangeable hand parts
-2 sickles
-2 swords (1 short, 1 long)
-1 claw
-2 bladed *something*
-stand included
-weapons can combine to make a larger weapon

BB Sazabi
-beam shot rifle
-beam tomahawk with removable effect blade
-funnel launching rack
-3 deployed funnels
-mono eye has side to side movement

1/35 Alexander Ayano Ver. (Code Geass)
-2 rifles
-1 sword
-1 sword in storage mode
-2 Ulna Edges
-Interchangeable hands
-Transformable to insect mode

MG Aile Strike Re-Master Ver (name tentative)
-Uses new GAT-X frame and some parts used for MG Duel Gundam
-New Aile Pack with wing sliding gimmick to allow Launcher and Sword pack to mount
-includes the catapult launch stand and battery packs to recreate Perfect Strike
-Face mouth vents feature real cut space instead of molded detail
-includes Mwu La Flaga pilot/standing 1/100 figures

HG Seed Remaster Blue Frame 2nd L
-Tactical arms fully transformable between sword, gattling, flight mode
-2 individual armor schneiders, and swappable armor schneiders in feet
-Comes with stand to hold up the sword

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