Monday, April 27, 2015

MG Exia Dark Matter Part 1

Color Scheme

  • Structural Component 1-Alcad II Dark Aluminum
  • Structural Component 2-Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal 

  • Black-Alcad II Jet Exhaust 
  • Red-Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal + Mr. Color Clear Red 

GN Condensers 
  • Violet-Mr. Color Clear Blue 

  • Orange-Alcad II Copper 

Stripe masking pattern for red areas. After priming with Mr. Surfacer 1000, parts were sprayed with Alcad II Burnt Pale Metal. Masking tape in random pattern was then applied and Mr. Hobby Clear Red sprayed over. Masking tape was removed and another coat of Mr. Hobby Clear red applied. 2 subtle tones of red in a random pattern are produced from this process.

The condenser color that comes with the stock kit is a pinkish red, similar to Trans-Am coloring in the original Gundam 00 fiction.  The large number of red areas tend to make these not stand out as much so I decided to make them violet.  This was done by spraying the stock condenser color with clear blue, allowing color theory to take over and produce a violet.

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