Saturday, March 23, 2013

MG Tallgeese 2

Thought I would post some of my pictures for those interested in the Hobby Online Exclusive MG Tallgeese 2.  For those curious, all the runners have been recolored.  Even the whites are a different shade.  In Japan, it has the same MSRP 3800 Yen.  Unfortunately for those outside Asia where there is no Bandai Premium shop, you are out of luck.  There is some unfortunate red tape in the way that prevents even us from carrying every item in addition to logistic concerns (I don't think we could possibly sell enough of some of these items for the massive initial investment in bringing them).

Here's some comparison shots of the different helmet runners  I actually can't believe H25 and H14 are different parts. They look identical, but H25 has a bit of an angle to accommodate the different front helmet part. The parts for the helmet are completely different.

Below are some comparisons between the Tallgeese 1 and 2 head as well as that of the old HG 1/100 kit. 

The "pose" of the TG2 is made possible by removing part E27 from the barrel of the Dober Gun. This decreases its height allowing the hands to rest comfortably on the muzzle.

An interesting tidbit about the Tallgeese 2 is that it has some sort of mono-sensor, but depending on the angle, this mono-visor can appear to be 2 eyes. The box art clearly shows this as one long green sensor, which the included sticker tries to emulate, but even the promotional built model kit photos show when applied, that it gives the effect of having 2 separate eyes.  The box artwork of the old 1/144 kit as well as the instruction manual show a solid sensor that goes across the face.  Even the SD art has this. The picture here is from a screencap in Gundam Wing and one of the few up close shots of the Tallgeese 2.  The screenshot here shows what appears to be 2 eyes, but I believe the detail is actually covered by shadow.  Something else to note is that the vent portions on the helmet are actually a different shade of yellow compared to the mohawk, which was removed from the MG version likely to preserve the color separation on the runnerHachaka had some additional photos comparing the Robot Spirits (action figure) produced by Tamashii Nations.  I have suspiscions that Bandai Hobby might be taking a page out of their book for web exclusives, because we're starting to see more than just re-colors coming out.  As you can see the Robot Spirits (Left) also has 2 "eyes" and the correct colored head vents.

Lastly, I leave you with this image for those of you who have the old HG 1/100.  You can mod the face to fit into the MG TG I head.  Minus the incorrect cheek vents, none will be the wiser.  Courtesy of 2chan.

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